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Nowadays, business needs to make marketing decisions as fast as possible, in order to adapt to the rapid growth and changing pace of the market.

Westfalia – a boutique research agency – was born with the mission of delivering high quality, speedy and actionable data.

Together with the advantage of being a boutique research – which allows us to work closer with our clients and covert quicker on solutions to their problems – we also apply the simplest but most advanced methodologies using in Germany, to help clients making the quickest and most precise decision in daily business activities.

Market research team in Vietnam

The research team has extensive experience in different fields: F&B, FMCG, Retailer, Finance, Beauty, Agriculture,…

A dynamic, dedicated, thoughtful and meticulous team is ready to help you make the best choices

We do not sacrifice any of the above factors

We are quick

With the quick market changing pace recently, traditional research is becoming slow, unreliable and expensive, making it not suitable with the new business world. Therefore, Westfalia focuses on improving and completing methodologies that provide information quickly, on-point, and guarantee high quality. Below are our top popular methodologies.

We value high quality

Westfalia do not exchange data quality to speed. We continuously look for best solutions that help our clients to rest assure regarding data quality, and to save their rechecking time.
Below are most popular quality control techniques applied in Westfalia:

Panel consumer & consumer pool
Help to ensure real respondents for all important and tracking projects

Recording & Taking photos
Depends on project design, maximum recordings and photo rate will be applied as possible

Short questionnaire, focus & simple
The shorter the survey, the more concentrate and accurate the response.

Quality control

2 layers QC
  • Resources allocation
  • Logistic preparation: questionnaire (link / paper), incentives, facilities, etc.
  • Project briefing – to ensure objectives and questionnaire understanding.
  • Interviewers: collect data based on supervisor instructions, depending on each methodology and project.
  • Supervisors: give instruction, supervise, monitor progress and check on interviewer’s work quality => QC layer 1: by Field supervisors.
  • QC team: check on completed respondents; checking parallel with fieldwork period, to ensure timing and quality => QC layer 2: by independent QC team.
  • Qualitative study: 100% quality check of respondent qualifications prior to interviews.
  • Quantitative: 25% random check of surveys per interviewer.
  • Combination of various QC techniques, including geo-mapping, face-to-face, telephone, recording, field supervision, etc.
  • Terminate immediately dishonesty or lack of commitment staff to maintain a strong team with excellent skills and attitude.

* QC team and Fieldwork team report independently and directly to the BOM and Project Managers.

We provide

Our services

Our field force is available in 3 top dynamic cities

Hanoi – Danang – Ho Chi Minh city

Westfalia benefits from a stable and experienced fieldwork force of over 200 interviewers, having extensive experience in various research methodologies for wide variety of product and categories.

    For more information, please contact:
           Email: clientservice@westfalia.vn
           Address: 3/8 Thanh Thai Street, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh.