, Du học Đức

, Du học Đức


1 – Europe’s “Leading Economy”

Federal Republic of Germany is always proud of being the leading country in economic growth in the European market. Currently the data of the industry in Germany is at the highest level compared to other EU countries and this is also a testament to the strong recovery of this power after the world financial and economic crisis. . Germany is the industrial country and most focused on the accuracy and development of each product. The brand “Made in Germany” has long been the most sought-after brand in the world because of German reliability and top quality.


2 – Europe’s “cultural cradle”

Referring to the traditional culture, the most typical ancient architectural plates in Europe, Germany is always the first country to be named. It is famous all over the world for classical music centers and famous musicians. Today in Germany, there are still many historical sites, magnificent castles, war museums, art museums, … to welcome the amount of tourists to visit each year. In terms of sports, Germany is known as one of the world’s most passionate football lovers. German is also a popular and widely used language throughout Europe.


3 – German people are straightforward and disciplined

Every country in the world has a distinctive culture and lifestyle. And for Germany, people here are famous for their sincerity, precision and high discipline. In Germany you will feel the “punctual” culture to every second of them, the style is simple but glamorous, simple style but not sluggish. If the Americans are like peaches, sweet outside but have hard seeds inside. On the contrary, the Germans are coconut, rough outside, cool inside.


4 – High learning quality environment

German education possesses high quality training and internationally recognized certifications. Germany is one of the most popular destinations to study. Germany owns more than 370 prestigious universities spread across the territory, evenly and widely distributed in each State with many different disciplines at all levels: Bachelor’s degree and Master. In addition, Germany is one of the safest countries in the world in terms of political stability and social security, so you can feel secure when choosing here to study and work.


5 – Low cost for living

Most international students choose Germany as their destination when they want to study in Europe because the average cost of living for one month in this place ranges from 300 to 450 Euro (about 3,600 to 5,400 Euro / year). Besides, students can actively work over 20 hours / week for about 90 days / year with basic salary from 8 Euro / hour. In Germany, part-time jobs are easy to find and with this income you can afford to pay for your living expenses without the help of your family.


6 – High settlement opportunities

After graduation, students have many opportunities to stay in Germany to work. The German government always facilitates visa renewal for students who stay at work or continue to improve their qualifications. Not only that, when you have many years of professional work in Germany (over 8 years) and also possessing a German level of B1 – B2 or higher, you can absolutely apply for permanent residence or German Citizenship!


7 – Attractive study programs

Education is always a top priority of the German Government. This country always brings the most favorable conditions for local students and foreign students when coming to Germany. In particular, Apprentice program is free of study fee and also receive salary per month for working. This program gets the most attention from students who want to go to Germany to study and experience without being too much concerned about the cost of studying or personal expenses here.

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