German Chocolate Brands

Sôcôla Đức

Check out 3 of the most famous Chocolate Brands in Germany!


MILKA MILK CHOCOLATE was founded in 1901 in Switzerland. Milka has had a long process of building and developing to become the most prestigious and reputable chocolate producer. A combination of the German words, Milch (milk) and Kakao (cacao), Milka offers a rustic but meaningful message : behind the success of the world’s most famous dessert is simply. These are extremely simple and familiar ingredients.



RITTER SPORT – The brand was established in 1912 by Eugene Ritter and Clara Ritter. With the motto “Good chocolate must be made from the best materials” Ritter Sport brand always imports the best materials from many parts of the world.



LUDWIG SCHOKOLADE – In 1995, Ludwig Schokolade’s products were available in Vietnam as 13-flavored chocolates, …. with reasonable prices and good quality and diverse designs, Ludwig Schokolade became one of the brands. German chocolates are favored by consumers.


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