Types of German bread

Các loại bánh mì Đức

Germany is famous for cars, unique cultures, … Bread is considered to be the pride of German cuisine with hundreds of different types. Not only is an essential food in everyday life, the Germans also bring bread to the great traditional festivals. Let’s check out 3 best types of German sandwiches!



? Pretzel twist bread is very popular in Germany. Pretzel has a special shape : round shape with two knots. Depending on the different regions, the size of the wheel ring will change.


? Stollen with a light pastry that highlights the sweetness of dried fruits is the first choice of Germans when Christmas comes. Traditional Stollen will weigh up to 2 kg, now it can take many different shapes and sizes.


Small, round hand-held Brötchen is the favorite food in festivals in Germany. Brötchen has a thick and hard crust, but is very soft inside. In particular, cakes made from different grains are good for health.

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