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Vocational training

Vocational training / apprentice : Nursing, hospitality, gastronomy, mechanic, IT,..



Types of German Sausages

Với hơn 1.500 loại khác nhau, xúc xích luôn là một trong những đặc trưng nổi bật nhất và mang…

3 months ago

(P1) Learn vocabulary by Image

Das Alphabet - Die Alphabete (Alphabet) Das Gefühl - Die Gefühle (Emotion) Der Tag - Die Tage (Days of the…

3 months ago

German Chocolate Brands

Check out 3 of the most famous Chocolate Brands in Germany!   MILKA MILK CHOCOLATE was founded in 1901 in…

3 months ago

Types of German bread

Germany is famous for cars, unique cultures, ... Bread is considered to be the pride of German cuisine with hundreds…

3 months ago

(P1) Collect good Quotes in German

"Finde ein Ziel, das dich jeden Tag Motiviert aufzustehen." Find a goal that motivates you every day to get up.…

3 months ago

7 tips for learning German

One of the most popular & effective learning methods today is a combination of "learning and playing". This secret not…

3 months ago