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Working in Germany

According to your bachelor degree qualification obtained in Vietnam



Types of German Sausages

Với hơn 1.500 loại khác nhau, xúc xích luôn là một trong những đặc trưng nổi bật nhất và mang…

2 months ago

(P1) Learn vocabulary by Image

Das Alphabet - Die Alphabete (Alphabet) Das Gefühl - Die Gefühle (Emotion) Der Tag - Die Tage (Days of the…

2 months ago

German Chocolate Brands

Check out 3 of the most famous Chocolate Brands in Germany!   MILKA MILK CHOCOLATE was founded in 1901 in…

2 months ago

Types of German bread

Germany is famous for cars, unique cultures, ... Bread is considered to be the pride of German cuisine with hundreds…

2 months ago

(P1) Collect good Quotes in German

"Finde ein Ziel, das dich jeden Tag Motiviert aufzustehen." Find a goal that motivates you every day to get up.…

2 months ago

7 tips for learning German

One of the most popular & effective learning methods today is a combination of "learning and playing". This secret not…

3 months ago